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Lunchbox Reviews the Show Members Like He Would a Restaurant

Lunchbox is reviewing the show members! He likes to leave negative reviews for restaurants, so he's doing the same thing for show members... but he must be kind as part of his 2 weeks of kindness challenge.

He was told to have the reviews ready but didn’t write them down and just had them in his head. Find out what he said below:  

  • Amy – She’s done a great job of being open about her divorce, and that she’s brought a lot to the show about talking about divorce and not hiding from it. Reviewed her 4/5 stars.  
  • Raymundo – Without him the show would not run because he runs the board and plays all the sound effects and he’s been doing an amazing job keeping the show afloat. Reviewed him 3.5/5 stars.  
  • Morgan – She keeps the listeners engaged with all the social media posts she does, and she does a good job of spacing them out throughout the day. Reviewed her 2.5/5 stars.  
  • Eddie – He’s done a great job of almost doing stuff. He’s been so empathetic about thinking about doing something to help someone, but he always holds himself back and never actually does it. Like wanting to plant trees with his kids and donating a kidney, both things he said he’d do but hasn’t. Lunchbox said Eddie is the best at inaction and gave him 5/5 for his inaction.  
  • Bobby Bones – He gives so much great advice to people, and he seems to have his pulse on what people need to hear. He’s also good at motivating people in a positive way even if they are in a negative situation. He always makes people feel like he’s on their team and he’s doing a great job of winning sports merch. Gave him 4/5 stars.  
  • Abby – He complimented the way she answers the phone and all the buttons she has to press to get to all the listeners. He said she looks a little stressed at the end of the day and her fingers are tired but she’s working the phones great.