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Abby Has A Big Opportunity For Her Music Career

There is a small record label that is having a showcase for Abby where she is going to perform some songs and possibly get a record deal! Bobby Bones pointed out that Abby has gotten better as a singer and some influences get record deals just because of their platform.  

To prepare, Abby performed her original song “Hey There Hometown” live in the studio. After the performance, Bones said she sounded the best she’s ever sounded, and Amy said she needed to walk in with confidence. Eddie thought she did a good performance but that she needed to do something big during the song and really go for it so she’s different and stands out. Lunchbox suggested Abby don’t dance during the performance because she was doing a step and shoulder shake while singing. He also told her she needed to practice a routine because whatever she was doing wasn’t working. He also thought her voice sounded nasal and that her voice wasn’t strong or good enough. He thought her voice was 90% nasal and that she wouldn’t get a record deal from it. Eddie agreed with Lunchbox’s comments and shared he also thought her dance was weird and voice sounded nasal.  

Abby doesn’t have a showcase coming up; Bones was trying to set Lunchbox up to be unkind, but Eddie kept chiming in with his mean comments about her performance. The only person in on the joke was Abby. Eddie said he was just trying to give her feedback, but it turned out to be unkind!