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Show Votes Anonymously if Lunchbox Has Been Kind or Unkind for Two Weeks

Lunchbox is currently doing his 2 Weeks of Kindness! If he is nice for two weeks and does not make any means comments, Bobby Bones will pay for him to drive a Lamborghini around the Nashville Speedway. There was a recent incident where his kindness was challenged about a Bonehead story he shared, so the show voted anonymously if he passes his kindness challenge or needs to start over.  

In the Bonehead story, he shared a story about a woman who did jumping jacks in her front yard without a shirt on, and he made an unnecessary comment about her looks. He saw a picture of the woman and said she was not someone he would want to see doing jumping jacks like that. Lunchbox thought it didn’t count because he was just giving his opinion. 5 people voted he was unkind and 2 voted he was kind, resulting in him not passing his kindness challenge! 

The Nashville Speedway event is April 5th, so he wouldn’t have time to do another two weeks of kindness, so instead he is going to do one week of extreme kindness. Every day he needs to bring a kind gesture to the show that has no possible way of being challenged as unkind.