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Bobby Admits He Purchased “Word” From George Washington Letter

Bobby Bones was looking at a celebrity auction and saw the floating door that saved Kate Winslet in Titanic was sold at an auction for $718K and Harrison Ford’s whip in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom went for $525K. Mozart's signature could go for as much as $20K. 

Bones shared he recently purchased a handwritten “word” from a George Washington letter. It’s been authenticated and they cut out words from a letter he wrote, and you could buy different words. The word he bought was “The.”  

When Bones told his wife about it, she could not stop laughing and roasted him for the purchase. The word was removed from a letter Washington wrote as President to his nephew Bushrod on February 10, 1796. He was busy with figuring out how to tactically leave the highest office in the land and Washington sought his help. Washington would request James Madison to help write his iconic farewell address just three months after sending this letter. 

Eddie thought it was a cool purchase, but Lunchbox and Amy thought it was pointless. Amy was also worried about Bones addiction to buying memorabilia right now, but he is happy with his purchase!