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Morgan Details Sweet Gesture “Man In Uniform” Made While He’s Gone

Morgan has gone on five dates with a man she met on Hinge who she dubbed the “man in uniform.”

They have a lot in common and he’s very intentional with her and planning dates, and even made a list of 15 date ideas for them to do together, but they aren’t official yet. Because of his job she won’t be able to see or talk to him for three weeks. Because he’s gone, he made a sweet gesture for her and sent her a very thoughtful package in the mail. It was based on a conversation they had before he left, it was a gift to show that he was thinking of her and hopes she has a good week. Morgan told him that one of her favorite compliments she’d ever gotten was when a friend called her human sunshine. So, the package was a sunshine box that had candies, fuzzy socks, and a little plant in it to show he was thinking of her.  

Eddie thought this guy was perfect for Morgan because he is showing that he cares about her and is listening to her. Also, he’s planning dates which is what Morgan wanted from a guy. Amy thought he might be love bombing and is trying to win her over too much. Amy understands he’s a man in the uniform and she knows how they go away for a while and you can’t talk to them because she used to be married to one, so she suggested he could possibly be living a double life while he’s away. Lunchbox also thinks this guy is love bombing Morgan. Bobby Bones likes him for now and thought there is a fine line of being too much, but it just depends on how much she likes him. He just warned her to be aware of love bombing and since he is gone for three weeks, he sent the gift hoping she does not forget about him.  

Morgan is aware of love bombing and does not think he is doing that to her. They haven’t talked about anything serious, are moving very slowly, and they’re very intentional on how they are communicating and hanging out with each other. She thinks he is great and there are no red flags yet.