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Bobby Admits He Ordered Food, Forgetting To Also Order For His Wife

A study found that the wife is most likely to start a fight in a relationship first because she is the first to notice something is wrong and will bring it up. Bobby Bones agreed because if his wife does not bring something up, then it’ll never get brought up. He also does not want to start a fight and would rather ignore it, but he had to come clean to his wife about something he recently messed up on.  

Bones ordered food the other night through Uber Eats and forgot to order something for his wife. It didn’t a fight start but she was disappointed. He explained he was just super hungry and placed his order without thinking and when she walked in and saw he had a pizza, that’s when he realized he messed up. He said he didn’t think she’d want any, but she said he should’ve checked. Then he tried to lie and say he ordered two but only one showed up, but she checked the order, and he went silent and then admitted he forgot to ask her. He didn’t do it on purpose, he’s just used to being alone. He knows the healthy and right thing to do is to resolve issues and not let your feeling bottle up or ignore issues!