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Lunchbox Plays Board Games For Opportunity To Ride Lambo

If Lunchbox won his original 2 Weeks of Kindness challenge, Bobby Bones was going to pay for him to drive a Lamborghini around a racetrack. All he had to do was remain kind for two weeks and not say anything rude or mean, but he lost. He got another chance though by playing Connect 4 with George Birge. If he wins, he'll have to play two other people and best of three wins!

Lunchbox and Birge went back and forth playing but in the end, Lunchbox won. His next opponent in Connect 4 was Raymundo. Since he won two rounds, Bones gave him a tiny toy Lambo as a joke. The next round was against Eddie to win the real ride in a Lambo and Lunchbox dominated and won again.