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Lunchbox’s Wife Makes New Rule For Him Regarding 911 Situations

Lunchbox’s wife made a new rule for him regarding following cops. He likes to follow them when he sees them drive by with their lights on. They were in the car the other day with the kids and saw two cop cars that had pulled over someone and had the person in hand cuffs. He did a U-turn to see what was going on because he wanted to “stay vigilant” with what goes on in his community. But his wife made a new rule that when he sees cop cars or a fire truck or an ambulance with the lights on, don’t follow the action, especially when the kids are in the car because it’s not safe and he needs to mind his own business. Even if he’s by himself he should let the professionals handle it and not follow them and possibly get in the way.  

Lunchbox thinks he’s being vigilant and keeping up to date with what is happening in the community, but he’s just snooping. The best-case scenario that could happen if he follows them is it starts a conversation with his kids about how police protect people and get the bad guys.