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One BBS Member Awarded Employee of the Quarter

The Bobby Bones Show members awarded the Employee of the Quarter! Instead of doing Employee of the Month, they awarded the employee who shined the most in the last three months.

Everyone was told earlier in the week to have a speech ready, but Amy did not see the message, so she did not have one and was automatically eliminated. Whoever wins gets to spin the wheel for cash, do self-promotion or block someone from winning in the future.  

Lunchbox brought a lot of content to the show this quarter like the story of him getting the cops called on him for watching his son on the playground, his 2 Weeks of Kindness Challenge and his giant Sonic cup drive-thru bit. In his speech, he said the award should be his all year round and gave everyone a piece of his mind. He pointed out that Amy went three months without getting into a wreck which was a win, that Eddie laughed at everything Bobby Bones said, Morgan was a “one hit wonder” with her dating PowerPoint and Abby was only good for answering phones. Lunchbox did not win. 

This quarter, Raymundo went to a Sam Hunt concert and partied with him backstage, he caught the audio when Sara Evans fell before an interview and more. In his speech he shared that he’s been on the show for 10 years, but Bones shared he did not win.  

One of the strongest bits Morgan brought to the show in the last quarter was her Dating PowerPoint. In her speech she shared that she’s been very vulnerable with the show these last three months and has opened up about her dating life. She’s taken a lot of hits for it but she’s proud of herself if she wins or loses. Although she had a good month, she did not win.

Eddie and Abby were the two finalists. Eddie was the reason the Dyslexia tests happened, he signed Bones Larry Bird basketball, he helped with Abby’s $50K gig, his hair transplant bits and more!  

Abby had a good month because she did the most vulnerable thing she’d ever done and had her guitar recital live in studio, she announced she had a boyfriend, she confronted the woman who left her dog in the snow and the fake record label showcase bit.  

In the end, Eddie won Employee of the Quarter because his Dyslexia tests brought the most content to the show. Eddie spun the wheel and won $1!