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Show Recalls Emotions They Had On Their Wedding Day

A study found that 1 in 4 Brides or Grooms had tears that weren’t associated with happiness on their wedding day. Members of The Bobby Bones Show recalled what kind of emotions they had on their wedding day!  

  • Bobby Bones – He got emotional but because of happiness. He also couldn’t believe that he was getting married and was in shock. 
  • Lunchbox – He didn’t have cold feet, but he did get a little sad that it was the official end of his single days. He also did invite some previous girls he had hooked up with to his wedding, but he and his wife never discussed that.  
  • Eddie – He was 100% happy and cried when he saw his father.  
  • Amy – She was not sad at her wedding. When asked about their divorce she said there was no happiness that came with it but a little relief. A lot of emotions came over her that she was not expecting. Lunchbox chimed in that he was sad at her wedding because it was on New Years Eve, and he was single then and there weren’t a lot of single people there, so he left early.