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Amy Planning To See Doctor Lady in the Woods

Amy is planning to see a doctor in the woods in Kentucky.  

Amy heard about this doctor while she was at a real medical appointment in Nashville and people were talking about her. They said they had plenty of patients who had gone to her and had success and felt better after. She’s not sure what her credentials are because she’s still waiting to get the e-mail on how to book and where to go. 

Amy’s not sure what the doctor does in the woods, just that she lives in a little house out there. One person said she looked into their eyes, and she was able to tell them what they need to do to feel better. Amy has multiple health-related issues going on and wants to ensure she feels good without having to be on certain medications so she’s hoping this doctor in the woods can help her. She knows it sounds crazy but thinks this doctor has a gift. Amy wanted someone to come with her to make sure she was safe in the woods, but no one was willing to go. The show does not think it’s a great idea for a couple of reasons, but Amy will keep them updated!