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Swiftie Lauren Left Invitations To Her Wedding For Everyone On The Show

Producer Swiftie Lauren is getting married in May and gave invitations to everyone on the show! 

She expressed that she would love for everyone to come and celebrate but understands if they can’t and there is no pressure for them to come. Unfortunately, due to the ACM Awards being that week, Bobby Bones won’t be able to go, but said he would get her a gift. They looked at her registry and the main thing her and her fiancé were asking for was money for their house fund. The picture of the house is just a stock image, but Lunchbox thought it was the house they were asking for and that it was too expensive. Lunchbox also asked if he went if she’d want him to give a speech, which she said would not be necessary.  

They also made sure there would be an open bar and live band there, which there will be. The rest of the show is checking to see if they can make it!