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Bobby, Amy, Mike D Admit They’ve Walked Out Of Theater During Movie

A poll showed that about 50% of people have walked out of a theater during a movie even though they paid for a ticket. Find out who on the show has and why!  

  • Bobby Bones admitted that he’s done it once. It was for 2003’s Hulk because he thought it was terrible.  
  • Amy walked out during District 9. Bones loved the movie, but Amy did not like the plot.  
  • Lunchbox has never walked out during a movie but almost did during Multiplicity, but he was with girls who wanted to stay.  
  • Eddie never has because he’s too cheap to let himself leave something he paid for. When he saw Thor, in the middle of the movie they started it over from the beginning and a bunch of people left, but he wouldn’t allow himself to because it would’ve been a waste of money.  
  • Mike D is a huge movie guy and hosts Movie Mike’s Movie Podcast, and he has walked out of five movies in his life and three in the past two years. After 30 minutes if he can’t see the movie getting any better, it’s not worth his time to stay and he’s out. Especially since movies are getting longer. In the last two years he walked out of Amsterdam because it was so boring and Babylon because the first scene turned him off. He also walked out Strays which were animated dogs that just cursed the whole time. Mike has listened to some actors admit they knew while filming the movie it was bad and they only did it for the paycheck.  

So far this year there haven’t been any great movies. He’s waiting for summer blockbuster stuff and can’t wait for the new Deadpool & Wolverine movie!