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Lunchbox Calls Grocery Store Manager After Store Closes Early

Lunchbox keeps making good on his New Year resolution to be more vocal and give his opinion more.  

He has a tradition that if he scores a goal during his soccer game, he treats himself to chocolate milk. On the way home, he stopped at the grocery store, and it said it closed at 10pm. He showed up at 9:50pm and they were letting people leave the store but not letting anyone in. So, he called the manager and asked if they were trying to go out of business. He explained what happened and the manager apologized for the misunderstanding and didn’t know why the doors were locked before 10pm. He said Lunchbox was right to be upset and asked for the employee’s name, but Lunchbox didn’t know it. What Lunchbox hopes he accomplished from making that call is that they close at 10pm from now on!