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Amy’s Daughter Wants To Serve Homeless for 17th Birthday

Amy’s daughter is turning 17 later this month! 

She told Amy she was thinking of asking her coach for the day off because they have a game that night which means after school the whole afternoon is dedicated to that. She wants the day off so she can serve the homeless community because that’s what she wants to do for her birthday.  

Amy thought it was cool she wants to do that but is also feeling skeptical about it. She knows once her daughter gets her mind fixated on something it’s hard to talk her out of it. She also knows it’s not because she wants to get out of her game that day because she loves going to them. Amy hopes this is just her wanting to do something good but is keeping in mind that her daughter is great at starting side hustles and there could possibly be something going on that she is not aware of. Amy will suggest that she does not miss her game because she committed to her team and that she serves the homeless another day!