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Bobby Details How He Spent His Birthday

Yesterday was Bobby Bones' birthday!  

He had an extremely busy day working. He had two huge lion statues that were scheduled to be delivered that day, but he didn’t have a truck to get them, so he used the app, TaskRabbit to pay someone to pick them up and deliver them. Usually, all the work happens in the app, but the guy asked Bones if he could pay him half through PayPal. Bones felt weird about it because then he could just take the money and never show up, but Bones saw the guy had good reviews and his wife really wanted the statues to be delivered so they paid him. A few hours later he heard back from him that he was picking them up and they showed up at the house, so he didn’t get scammed. But because there were bad storms in the area, the delivery came later than expected so it threw off their day a little. Also, they were told the statues weighed 230 pounds each, but they were between 800-900 pounds each. It took seven people and an hour and a half to help move them off the truck. He tried using a dollies to move them but the statues were so heavy it bent it. The statues are just lying in his yard now and he’s not sure how he’s going to move them.  

For his birthday, Bones thought it would be fun to unbox memorabilia with DormDudes on TikTok. Because the delivery took so long, they immediately went into Bones home studio and sold items for two hours but made no money. They sold every single product the DormDudes brought and set a record! They had a lot of fun unboxing the items and finding out what was in there.  

Bones then opened the box of sports cards he bought, and everyone was at his house until 11:30pm streaming it. They only made 190 of these boxes and there is a Dead Person card in each one. Of all the dead people, there were 12 out of 190 that they would consider lucky if they got. They opened the final one and it was a full signature from John F. Kennedy from a letter he wrote. Bones plans on selling it on his eBay page because he could make more than what he spent on the box. If he makes any extra money from it, he will donate it to St. Jude!