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Bobby Finally Got Something He’s Been Chasing After for Months

Bobby Bones new obsession is TikTok Breaks where he wins signed sports memorabilia!

He loves it so much that he’s spent the last few months doing a mini docu-series on the whole culture of it. He sells anything he wins on his eBay page and if he makes a profit from anything extra than what he paid for the item, he’ll donate the money. He wants to make sure he gets his money back to even first and wants everyone to be aware he isn’t just buying all this stuff and selling it and losing money.  

He’s won around 50 helmets so far and has been chasing a Tom Brady one for months. He’s been on the hunt for an authentic signed Brady helmet and is constantly trying to chase one but has had no luck. Out of every 10 boxes there is a Brady one. He won two of the boxes and the one he didn’t contain the Brady helmet.  

Yesterday, he hopped into a TikTok Break that was happening to see if he could win himself an AFC East helmet because that’s where the Patriots play, and Brady still signs a lot of their stuff. When the man opened the box, he started screaming that the hunt was over for Bones because he had just won a signed Brady Patriot’s helmet! Bones was so happy he finally won one but will probably sell it on his eBay page!