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Eddie Canceled His Doctor’s Appointment Meant To Find Out If He Has Cancer

The right side of Eddie’s abdomen has had a constant dull pain that’s been hurting him. He searched his symptoms on the internet and found a story about a guy who ignored his stomach pain for months and then found out he had stage four cancer. So now Eddie has the worst-case scenario in his mind that he has stomach cancer  

He made an appointment, but they couldn’t see him until a month from then. They scheduled him for today, April 3rd, but he had to cancel because he’s performing at the Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots Million Dollar Show tonight and has rehearsals all afternoon. He rescheduled for a month from now, but then realized he’ll be in Austin for iHeart Country Festival.  

Eddie’s already been holding his kids tighter and spending extra time with them just in case he has stomach cancer and is dying. He told the doctor on the phone his concerns, but he said it was highly unlikely it was cancer related. The pain hasn’t gotten much better, so he’ll keep us updated!