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Morgan Caught Her Delivery Driver In A Lie

Morgan’s delivery driver lied about her order!  

She ordered two pairs of jeans, and she got an e-mail from the company she ordered them from saying they couldn’t be delivered because they needed a signature. It stated they attempted the delivery, but no one was home for the signature. She looked at the time and was home when this attempted delivery happened. She didn’t hear a knock but thought she might’ve missed it, so she checked her doorbell camera and saw no one had come that day. She checked her mailbox and found a note from the delivery driver that said attempted delivery.  

Her theory is they didn’t even walk up to the door to try and deliver it, they just put the note in the mailbox and drove away. So, there was no true attempt to deliver the package. If she does not try to re-schedule the delivery or go pick it up by a certain point it is no longer her package. It reminded Bobby Bones of the time he mailed one of his groomsmen a watch. He never got it and swears that the delivery driver stole it. Morgan rescheduled the delivery, but it doesn’t have a specific time, so she’ll just have to wait and see if they actually come this time.