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Luke Bryan Reveals New Project He’s Working On With Peyton Manning

Luke Bryan stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to premier his new song, “Love You, Miss You, Mean It,” talk about American Idol and more.  

Bryan released his new single “Love You, Miss You, Mean It,” today (April 5th). He shared that the first time he heard it, he knew it was one of those songs that had the “juice” in it. As far as more new music goes, he’s in the process of trying to figure out how important huge albums that contain 15-20 songs are. What he’s focusing on right now is finding four songs that he likes, recording them and doing that every few months. His latest number one song, “Country On,” technically has never been on an album and is just a standalone song he released. Eventually, it’ll find a home on a project but for now he’s enjoying just releasing singles. He plans to continue putting music out as often as he can and announced he has six new songs coming out in November.  

Bryan released his first song in 2006 and has seen the music industry and his career change a lot in his almost two decade career. 10 years from now personally he see’s himself spending summers in Tennessee and winters in a tropical warmer place. He’d also love to get a nice sport fishing boat. 10 years from now musically he hopes to still be doing what he’s doing now because he’s having a lot of fun. If he feels like he can get on stage and sing like he wants, he will continue doing concerts and let the songs steer course. If he releases a song and it does well, that’s great, but if it doesn’t, he won’t start cussing out people on his team and will accept it didn’t work and move on to the next one.  

From the ages of 18-21 all he did was go to class and work. A typical day for him was classes from 8am-11am and then he would work at his dads peanut mill from noon to 10pm and on the weekends he would play gigs. Then when he was 22 he went to Georgia Southern and called it his favorite age growing up because it was the first time he was on his own and had a lot of fun living with friends.  

Bryan has been a judge on American Idol since it was revived on ABC in 2018 and is currently serving his seventh season alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. He found out with everyone else that this would be Perry’s final season when she announced it on Jimmy Kimmel.  The three of them have been together as judges for so long so as the final show gets nearer he admitted it will get emotional. Bryan enjoys being a part of Idol and shared that he wouldn’t let Perry’s leaving persuade him to leave the show as well. He said that if every year the show gains more ground and ratings are on an upwards trajectory he feels good about staying with Idol but has not made a final decision if he’ll return for the next season.  

While in studio, Bryan shared that for the past month, he and Peyton Manning have been filming a series called It’s All Country. The six-episode series “explores the hottest people, topics and moments in country music by examining the iconic songs and artists that changed the face of country music forever. Marking 100 years since the first country music record was made, the series highlights the cultural impact and memorable performers and performances that make country music an American and growing global sensation.” It will be available on Hulu later this year!