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Lunchbox Demanded Particular Food At Client Dinner

Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots had their 7th Million Dollar Show benefiting St. Jude this week. The lineup included Sam HuntJon PardiMegan MoroneyNate SmithBen RectorMat KearneyIan MunsickEdwin McCain as well as appearances from special guests Turnpike Troubadours, LIT and Post Malone! 

Before the show, there was a client dinner to thank the advertisers who helped make the show possible and Morgan and Lunchbox went to it. It was at a nice steakhouse, and they sat at different tables to entertain separate clients. They had a set menu of what the meal was going to be, and it looked great, but Lunchbox wasn’t happy about the dessert option. For all the courses there were multiple options but there was only the option of cannoli for dessert. They hadn’t even had dinner yet, but he demanded to the waitress that he didn’t want the cannoli and wanted cheesecake instead. He told the waitress he “deserved” cheesecake. Some of the clients laughed when they heard him because they couldn’t tell if he was joking, but Morgan knew he was being serious. He felt he deserved it because he was there as the talent, and he earned it by showing up to the dinner. They brought out a huge cheesecake for him and he said it was delicious.  

Lunchbox shared they didn’t ask him if he had any allergies or health restrictions, so he lied that he is ‘allergic to cannoli’ - especially the shell part. Morgan also shared that Lunchbox was so loud at dinner that it drew attention from everyone at the restaurant and he called it being at the “fun table.” Besides that, the client dinner went well, and the Million Dollar Show was a huge success!