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Lunchbox Put The Show On Notice With Spill The Tea Threat

Lunchbox put the show on notice that someone is going to be put on blast April 11th at 7:45am CT.  

He gave the person a chance to confess before he puts them on blast. He shared if they keep hiding it because they thought they got away with it, everyone will look down on them. If the person confesses before April 11th, all would be forgiven, but if they don’t, there will be repercussions to pay, but no one knew what he could be referring to. 

Lunchbox made a deal that if the person confesses to it, it would only be talked about for 60 seconds and then it would never be brought up again, but no one had any idea what he was talking about. He gave a hint that this person did something very wrong and it could be a criminal offense. This blast could change someone’s life because it’s illegal and they could be fired for it. He called it a Triple D: Disgusting, Disappointed and Dumbfounded.  

Raymundo spoke up that he thought it might be about when Lunchbox paid for parking when they went downtown, and he never paid him back. Lunchbox said he’s glad Raymundo is feeling guilty and accepts his apology, but that’s not it.  

On Thursday (April 11), Lunchbox will reveal who the person he’s putting on blast is!