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Lunchbox Talks To Police Officer About Person He’s Putting On Blast

Lunchbox put the show on notice that someone is going to be put on blast April 11th at 7:45am CT.  

He’s stated that what this person has done is so bad, it’s illegal and could get them fired. If the person admitted what they did before the date, Lunchbox would forgive them and not put them on blast, but no one has any idea what it could possibly be. 

There is a police officer that lives in his neighborhood and he told him about the situation to get their opinion. He recorded audio of the officer saying that if he caught a person doing what Lunchbox caught someone on the show doing, he would get their ID and either give them a ticket or take them to jail. He also shared that he thinks the world is better without people who do this.  

No one came out to admit anything, but there is the option that the person can e-mail him and have a chance to get it out there before Thursday when he plans to put them on blast.