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Show Shares The College Classes They Would Teach If Asked

Bobby Bones is teaching at the University of Arkansas for the next few days! He'll be talking to students about multimedia through storytelling! He shared what class he thought everyone on the show would teach.  

  • Amy – Global Perspective on Adoption or Healthy Habits for a Crazy Life.  
  • Lunchbox – Reality Advice 101: An introduction to the study of reality TV.  
  • Eddie – Failing America: America’s Team The Dallas Cowboys - how to handle losing or The Science of Smoking: Understanding How to Smoke Chicken.  
  • Bobby Bones – Autographs to Artifacts: Sports Memorabilia Collection or Razorback Rivalries: The History of Arkansas Sports.  

The show then shared what college class they would teach:  

  • Eddie – Survival Cooking 101. It’s where you have a refrigerator with random food, and you need to learn how to survive on just that.  
  • Amy – Brain Gym. She’d be their coach for exercising their mind and helping them focus.  
  • Lunchbox – Stacking Cash 101: How to Make Money Being an Entrepreneur.