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Someone On The Show Dubbed “Most Difficult Employee”

The Bobby Bones Show shared an article of the top most difficult employees and went through the list to see if anyone on the show fell into these categories.  

  • The Sloth – They don’t work at your pace and seem lazy and disengaged. They all said it reminded them of Lunchbox.
  • The Bellyacher - They complain about problems out loud and drain company morale. Everyone agreed it reminded them of Lunchbox.  
  • The Spotlight Hog - Wants more credit than necessary. Once again, everyone said it sounded like Lunchbox.  
  • The Hot Shot - Loud, rarely accepts constructive criticism and steamrolls other people on the team. Everyone voted it sounded like Lunchbox.  
  • The Gossip - Friendly and personable but can stir up uncomfortable situations that you’re not sure how to handle, sometimes publicly. Amy and Morgan thought it sounded like Eddie and Lunchbox. Raymundo voted that it sounded like Eddie because he loves to start gossip and spill the tea.