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Amy’s Son Has New Hobby Of Tracking His Sister On Life360

Amy’s family uses the Life360 app so they can see where they are at any given time. It even gives updates on what speed they are driving.  

Her son has really gotten into tracking his sister on the app and always knows when she is on the move. Even if she’s at home walking around the house, he gives Amy a play-by-play of her every move. Anytime Amy can’t get a hold of her, he’s able to look up and report where she is right away. She doesn’t think he’s doing it so he can tell on her, it’s just become a hobby for him.  

Amy signed up for the insurance plan that tracks her daughter's car to see how her driving is because it saves money. Eddie was given the option to do the same thing for his son and tested it on his car first, but every time he remembered he had it, he was already driving 10 miles over the speed limit. If he failed it could possibly make his insurance go higher, so he decided to stop using it.