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Everyone on the Show Is Boycotting Something Right Now

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared why they are boycotting certain things right now. Find out their answers below:  

  • Mike D – He's boycotting The Crow because they are remaking it. It’s the movie that Brandon Lee died while filming and he thinks the original movie should be his legacy and it’s been a historic thing in movie history so they should not remake it.  
  • Amy – She's boycotting her meds. She made the choice to quit taking her Adderall and is powering through it right now. She encourages anyone who is thinking of doing something like that to consult with their doctor first.
  • Lunchbox – He's boycotting Disney + because he read an article that they are going to start charging people for password sharing.  
  • Eddie – He's boycotting clicking on any article that is about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. He feels like there are too many paparazzi photos of them and it’s going to ruin their relationship.  
  • Bobby Bones – He is boycotting part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football team. He used to be a big Baker Mayfield fan and supported him wholeheartedly last year, but now Mayfield has stopped answering his messages.