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From Broke to Millionaire in Under 10 Years with George Kamel

Amy's guest, George Kamel, went from broke to millionaire in under 10 years! George is a personal finance expert, co-host of Smart Money Happy Hour + The Ramsey Show, and author of the bestselling book Breaking Free From Broke. His mission is to "help people spend less, save more, and avoid money traps so they can live a life with more margin, options and freedom."


Main '4 Things' Amy & George chat about:

1) Boosting Your Financial IQ

2) The #1 Wealth Killer

3) Teaching Teens About Money (adults can learn from this too) 

4) Gratitude 


Questions answered:

- Is 'Rent the Runway' a good way to "shop"?

- What is the worst financial crime Amy ever committed?

- Should we invest in gold bars from Costco? (speaking of Costco, George shares the best frozen pizza to get) 

- Are designer purses a good investment?

- Should Amy have gotten a HELOC loan?

- Should we have credit cards?

- What are George's thoughts on rewards from credit cards?

- Is Amazon killing our bank account?

- Should we ever lease a car?

- What's the craziest call George has gotten on The Ramsey Show?

- How do we best talk to our kids about money? 

- What is something George refuses to spend money on?

- What are 4 things George is grateful for?

- & More!


Visit the Foundations in Personal Finance for High School Students website for even more info!


HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: George Kamel // // @GeorgeKamel


Voicemail Line: 877-207-2077



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