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Lunchbox Blasts Someone On The Show After No One Comes Forward

For three days, Lunchbox put the show on notice that someone is going to be put on blast April 11th at 7:45am CT.   

He gave the person a chance to confess before he puts them on blast. He shared if they keep hiding it because they thought they got away with it, everyone will look down on them. If the person confesses before April 11th, all would be forgiven, but if they don’t, there will be repercussions to pay, but no one knew what he could be referring to.  

No one confessed so he revealed it was Eddie he was putting on blast! Lunchbox spilled the tea that he saw Eddie walking to his car the other day and cracked his hard-boiled eggs on the parking garage wall and threw the shells on the ground. Lunchbox said it showed that Eddie did not care about the building or the people who work there and that it was disgusting. Eddie thought the shells were biodegradable, but Lunchbox thought it was a big deal because it was littering and since they were in a parking garage they wouldn’t blow away or decompose. Lunchbox shared that the cop he asked about it said it was illegal because of litter. Everyone thought it was stupid Lunchbox wasted so much time on this bit and that what Eddie did was disgusting but not that bad.