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Morgan Reveals Lunchbox Is Making His Wife Sell the Pallet

A few months ago, Lunchbox pitched the idea to invest in a pallet full of items, and most of the show members paid $80 towards it. They had no idea what was inside the pallet, but they unboxed it, planned to sell the items and make money. However, they’ve had it for months taking up space and nothing has sold.  

Lunchbox claimed he set up a Facebook page for it called Bobby Bones Show Pallet, but it got flagged. Morgan then spilled the tea that Lunchbox’s wife was the one who actually put the Facebook page together. Morgan received an e-mail from her detailing info about it and that she needed help. Lunchbox made his wife do it because he claims he’s bad at technology and that she’s trying to help him since the show didn’t want to do his option of having a garage sale.  

Legally, The Bobby Bones Show’s Facebook page is set up to iHeartRadio, and all the money made on that page goes to that business. The money would be sent to their paychecks, but it would be split up differently and cause several issues. Lunchbox suggested going on The Bobby Bones Show Instagram account and going Live to show the products and if anyone wanted to buy, they could Venmo him the money. But the idea was shot down because he can’t use the show account and he does not want to use his personal account since it does not have as many followers as the show’s account.  

If they don’t figure out a way to sell the items within the next 11 days, they will be thrown away and they’ll accept their loss that it wasn’t a great investment.