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Blanco Brown Details Motorcycle Accident Where He Was Pronounced Dead

Blanco Brown stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share details about his motorcycle accident where he died for a few minutes, talk about his new music, perform and more!  

Brown was injured in a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2020. While riding his motorcycle, he was hit by a drunk driver and went through the driver's windshield and flipped over the truck. He remembers everything from that moment and even recalled the eye contact he made with the driver while he went through the windshield. When the paramedics came, he was able to talk them through taking his helmet off because the strap was choking him. In the ambulance he died, but came back to life when he arrived at the hospital. The worst thing he heard them say was, “If we don’t get John Doe enough blood he won’t make it.” They didn’t even know his name because his backpack with his identification was thrown far away in the crash. He felt so helpless because he couldn’t get up and ask for help. He had to get 12 blood transfusions, his wrist and legs put back in place and pelvic surgery. He also had extensive nerve damage and spent weeks in the hospital. Nine months after the accident he opened for Luke Combs in Florida and dropped the mic while performing because he couldn’t hold it due to nerve damage in his hands. They had to double tape the mic to his hands for him to get through the performance.  

Almost four years later, Brown still feels pain every day from the accident. He still has nerve damage and pain in his left leg, and he can’t get the heel on his left foot to do a regular stepping motion. It took him a year after the accident to start making music again because he could not work through the nerve damage and would wake up every day feeling like his left foot was on fire.  

Brown released his new EP Heartache & Lemonade that features four new songs, including his new single “Sunshine Shine” that he performed while in studio.