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Lunchbox Upset That Scuba Steve Got His Own Radio Show on iHeartRadio

Scuba Steve got his own radio show on iHeartRadio, and Lunchbox is upset about it! 

Lunchbox sent Bobby Bones a note questioning how Scuba Steve got his own radio show and said he didn’t understand how they got to a point where they were just throwing producers on-air. Lunchbox got a message asking what he thought about Scuba Steve’s show, and he had no idea about it. He found out that he's doing an iHeart 90s Show and was upset the company didn’t ask him to do it. Bones played some clips of Scuba Steve introducing songs and it included personal stories. Everyone thought he sounded good, but Lunchbox thought he wasn’t qualified to have his own show.  

For Scuba Steve it’s just a way for him to work on his skills. He used to do a midday show years ago and hasn’t done his own show since, so doing this helps him get comfortable doing a solo show again. Right now, he’s just having fun with it and his long-term goal is to have his own show.  

You can listen to Scuba Steve’s iHeart90s Show Monday – Friday from 1-6pm ET on the iHeartRadio app.