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Amy Shares List Of Signs Someone is Leading Double Life For Morgan

Amy shared a list of signs that someone is leading a double life because she thinks Morgan’s “man in uniform” might be because he has to leave for weeks at time.  

  • Often away from home. They take regular weekends or weeks away for work and never invite their partner along. There is often an innocent explanation to why. Since they are not officially dating yet, he hasn’t invited Morgan on any trips.  
  • They have unusual boundaries like refusing to add you on social media or not letting you meet their family and friends. Morgan has not met his friends yet, but they are friends on social media.  
  • Their stories don’t add up. Morgan hasn’t experienced this problem with him.  
  • Extremely protective of his devices. She has not experienced this problem with him.  
  • Avoid simple questions about their life. Morgan’s man hasn't avoided any questions and has answered her questions so far.