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Eddie Called Poison Control After 5-Year-Old Took Too Much Medicine

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what they did over the weekend and Eddie had to call poison control!  

His kids have bad allergies so every night they take allergy medicine. They ran out of children's allergy medicine and found out they could do an adult dose for their five-year-old son. He gave him 10 milligrams and was fine, but his wife didn’t know he had already given him the medicine and gave him another dose. They freaked out and called poison control and it turned out everything was okay. A five-year-old taking 20 milligrams of allergy medication will not hurt them!  

Amy spent all weekend at her daughter's softball tournament. She wasn’t expecting to be there all weekend because she thought they were going to lose in the first round. They kept winning every game, but her daughter doesn’t play much but is a great cheerleader. They lost around 7pm after playing all day and the tournament was over. It was a weird feeling because she was happy the team was winning but staying at the tournament all weekend ruined the rest of her weekend plans.  

A few weeks ago, Bobby Bones and Eddie went to Oklahoma State for an episode of Too Much Access, and he worked out with the baseball and softball team. He threw for six hours and felt his arm and shoulder hurt for weeks after. Last week he went to Arkansas and threw out the first pitch at the baseball game and his arm was hurting again so he got an MRI and it showed he had a few tears in his rotator cuff.  

This weekend, Lunchbox got his official invite to the iHeart Radio Music Festival happening in Austin on May 4. Tickets are on sale now!