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Lunchbox Claims Abby Stole His Shirt

Lunchbox claimed Abby stole a shirt that belongs to him because she was in his seat.  

Lunchbox couldn’t attend the Nashville Soccer game at the last minute because his son got a rash, so he gave Abby and her boyfriend his tickets. It was her first Nashville Soccer game and they had so much fun. She texted Lunchbox that she caught a shirt they threw in the crowd.  

Lunchbox argued that due to the circumstances of his kid having a rash, he gave Abby the opportunity of a lifetime to see her first Nashville Soccer game and the only reason she got the shirt is because he gave her his tickets so she should give him the shirt. Everyone on the show agreed that since Lunchbox was not there, she does not owe him the shirt. When he gave her the tickets, he gave up all his rights for whatever happened at that game.  

Abby has the shirt and will wear it to work soon!