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Show Reveals Their Number 1 Fears

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared their number one biggest fears this morning (April 15).

  • Bobby Bones – Heights.  
  • Lunchbox – Dying. Bones thinks about death every day, but it isn’t his biggest fear because it only happens once. He thinks about death every day because you never know what’s going to happen after.  
  • Amy – Heights if her biggest fear but so is roaches, especially ones with wings. The thought of one crawling on her makes her feel very uncomfortable.  
  • Eddie – Intruders who tortures him and hurts his family and steals his things. He thinks about it every night when he’s locking up the house. Sometimes his wife forgets to close the garage door and when he sees it was open all night, he starts freaking out.  
  • Raymundo – Rats. He had one under a hay bale and screamed when he saw it. He hates how unpredictable they are and how they just come out of nowhere.  

They also shared a list of the Top 10 scariest animals.

  1. Human  
  2. Shark  
  3. Spider 
  4. Snake  
  5. Crocodile  
  6. Lion 
  7. Scorpion  
  8. Bear 
  9. Tiger 
  10. Worm