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Amy Saw Sign That She Should Buy A New House

Amy is a big believer in signs and is constantly asking the universe to send her one.  

She had asked for one earlier in the day before she went to an Open House that randomly became available in her neighborhood. Bobby Bones' wife Caitlin went with her and when they got to the Open House, they went to the backyard to check it out and the first thing they saw was a Red Cardinal in the tree. Red Cardinals are one of Amy’s biggest signs because she believes it’s her mother visiting her. She’s been thinking about moving and wasn’t sure if it was the right thing, but seeing the bird made her believe it was a sign that she should! 

Her explanation is she got divorced a year ago and wanted to move but stayed put for a while, so the kids didn’t have too many changes in their lives. She does think it’s best for them to move because the house they are in now has a lot of memories in it and it’ll be good for them to start somewhere new. Everything about the house she looked at is better and it’s closer to their dad's house too. It’s a little smaller which would be good for Amy because it’s less she needs to keep up with.  

She felt weird about selling the house and seeing the bird gave her peace about deciding to move. Eddie and Lunchbox thought that just because she saw a Cardinal it does not mean she should move. Since Amy asked for the sign and received it, it made her feel better about her decision and if she hadn’t seen it, she probably wouldn’t have made it. Amy took a video of the bird and when a kid ran into the backyard, she thought the bird was going to fly away, but it stayed and continued to give her comfort. Thanks to the Red Cardinal sign she received, Amy now has peace with selling her home and putting it on the market!