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Eddie Going To Get Tested for Kidney Donation to His Uncle

For years, Eddie has said that he wants to donate a kidney, yet he doesn’t do anything towards it.  

His mother was in town last week and she has 13 brothers and sisters and she told him that one of his uncles was not doing well. He had gotten both of his kidneys removed and had been in and out of the hospital. Then it clicked for Eddie that this could be the sign he’s been waiting for to finally get tested for a kidney donation.  

He has 30 cousins, and no one has stepped up to help, so he plans on contacting them all to get tested to see if anyone is a match. He’s not sure if they’d be willing to get tested and if someone were a positive match if they’d want to donate their kidney. They also don’t know all the details about their cousin’s condition and if he’d want a kidney donation. But this is the first time Eddie is taking an actual step towards this and plans to get tested this week to find out if he’s a match for his uncle!