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Lunchbox Went Downtown For Fake Celebrity Sightings

Lunchbox went to Broadway in Downtown Nashville and went up to random strangers who looked like country stars and acted like they were famous to see how they’d react!  

He’d run up to the “celebrity” and pretended he was a big fan and asked for pictures. The first random person he ran up to was someone he thought looked like Kenny Chesney. He confronted the man pretending he was Chesney and asked him for a picture. The guy played along with it and even told Lunchbox he would be performing tonight.  

The next stranger Lunchbox went up to he called them Tracy Lawrence and the person pretended to be him. He wouldn’t take a picture with him because he charged for them and didn’t want him to put it on the internet. Then he saw a girl he pretended was ‘Lainey Wilson’ and asked for a picture. The girl said no and walked away but didn’t deny she was Wilson. Lunchbox thought it was funny that the “fake celebrities” played along and didn’t deny they weren’t them!