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Lunchbox Thinks He Should Get Royalties for Appearance on Amazon Prime Show

Lunchbox has multiple appearances in Garth Brooks new docuseries, Friends In Low Places, on Amazon Prime and wants to get royalty checks from it.  

People keep sending him screenshots and calling him saying they saw him on it, so he feels like he should get paid. He didn’t sign anything that allowed them to use his Name, Image and Likeness and thought he was on the show more than Brooks and that he made the bar look like the most fun place to be. In reality, Lunchbox was just invited to an event at his bar and when he walked in there were signs letting people know they were filming the Amazon Prime special. Also, Lunchbox made sure to follow Brooks everywhere he went so he could get as much camera time as possible.  

Since he did not have a role and was just a fan that went to an event and was filmed in a public place, and his name was not mentioned in the credits, he won’t receive any money. If he doesn’t get a check, he thinks he deserves a dinner with Brooks where Trisha Yearwood cooks, and they talk about life.