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Morgan’s Man In Uniform Has Returned Home

Morgan has been seeing a guy she calls the ‘man in uniform.’ He was gone for three weeks and they weren't able to talk, but now he has returned home!

They’ve hung out a few times since he returned, and it’s gone well! The first time she saw him since he came back, he showed up at her house with Sunflowers, which is her favorite flower. There are still no red flags and she’s about to meet some people who are important to him so it’s moving along. They haven’t had the conversation if they are fully off the dating apps and seeing other people, so they aren’t exclusive yet.  

She does feel different about him at this stage compared to her past serious relationships. She feels very secure and confident with where it’s going, which is something she’s never felt before. She also likes that he’s very consistent, so she doesn’t have any lingering questions. 

They’ve known each other for a month and a half but three of those weeks he was away, and they could not communicate. Morgan feels like they are slowly progressing and it’s normal, but Amy still thinks he could possibly be living a double life. Lunchbox thinks he’s love bombing her because he keeps giving her gifts, but Morgan does not think that’s the case because the gifts are never anything big, just thoughtful gestures. Eddie is happy for her, and Bobby Bones thinks it feels a little intense but likes it.  

Morgan’s aware that it could not work out, but she’s currently just enjoying that things are going well, and he could potentially be a good guy!