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Bobby Thinks Lunchbox Has Amusia Because He Can’t Recognize Music

Experts say there are certain people who are incapable of hearing music the same way most people do. Bobby Bones thinks Lunchbox may have "amusia," which means he can't recognize music. Less than 1% of the population suffers from it and they are incapable of repeating a song, can’t create a melody back and can’t tell them two different melodies apart most times. Lunchbox struggles with rhythm, so we did a little test to see!  

Bones sang him famous melodies and had Lunchbox repeat them back, but he struggled to stay on rhythm and sing it correctly. Lunchbox tried as hard as he could but didn’t get a single melody right and was so off from the correct one that it would be impossible to guess the song. He couldn’t even hum the correct melody to “Star Spangled Banner.”  

The test made us believe Lunchbox is part of the less than 1% of people who have amusia and that’s the reason he dislikes music.