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The Mystery Has Been Solved Of Eddie’s Missing Shoes

Members of the show got sent Brooks Running Shoes and everyone received theirs besides Eddie. There was a box with his name on it waiting for him in the mailroom, but when he went to grab them, they were gone.  

Morgan cleaned up the whole mailroom and found letters that had been there since 2022. She left everyone’s mail on their desk and went through everything, but did not find the stolen shoes. She shared a theory listeners had: they think Lunchbox is getting payback from when Eddie stole his mail a few months ago.  

Eddie’s theory about the missing shoes was that Abby stole them and gave them to her boyfriend since she was the only person to see the box. But Lunchbox had a different theory. He did some investigating and “unearthed” audio that he thought pointed to the suspect. It was Eddie saying he stole one of Lunchbox’s packages and kept it under his desk for a month, but someone cleaned the area, and it was gone. Lunchbox then confessed he took Eddie’s package as payback for stealing his mail. He took the box home but didn’t know what was in it, but now knows it's the shoes. Because Eddie lost his mail, Bobby Bones told Lunchbox to keep the shoes, but there’s no more stealing mail from here on out. If someone steals mail, they will miss a week of the show unpaid!