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Listener Anne Recalls March Madness Game Bobby Sent Her Money To Attend

Listener Anne called into The Bobby Bones Show initially because she had tickets to watch North Carolina State in the March Madness tournament and used points to fly to Arizona for the game. She called because she wanted advice if she should buy tickets to the game beforehand or try to scalp them there.  

Anne is a big North Carolina State fan, and the game was a big deal because they made it to the Final 4. Bobby Bones’ advice to her was to buy the tickets ahead of time so she doesn’t have the stress of possibly not getting tickets there. She went to the game and had a great time watching even though her team lost. Bones sent Anne $200 to attend, and she confirmed that she really got the money, and it was not a set up. She called him on her way home from work because she wondered what he would do, not because she expected money. Even though they lost, she was happy to be there, and Bones was happy he played a part in her experience.