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Bobby Gets Email From Executive Asking Him To Talk About His “Poor Life”

Bobby Bones got an email from an executive that he thinks is kind of ridiculous.  

The Bobby Bones Show is on for the first time in Cleveland, Waco and Atlanta this week and Bones usually does not pay attention when people try to weigh in on the strategy of the show, but he wanted to share a recent email he got from an executive. 

In the email he received, the executive said with the show starting in new cities this week, it’s the best time for Bones to organically weave in some of the story lines that matter the most, especially about him growing up in Mountain Pine, Arkansas with a population of 722 people. They told Bones they thought he should talk more about growing up poor and being on food stamps because people love to hear the “trailer park diaries.” They added “lol” at the end and some people took it to mean they were laughing at how he grew up, but Bones thought they meant it in a way that they were laughing at them telling him what to do.  

Bones does not try to talk about that much anymore unless there is a segment that relates to it.  He does talk about his upbringing and where he comes from. He thinks it’s a weird way to phrase the email this way, especially since this person never chimes in.