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Cole Swindell Recalls Proposal & Asking Permission From Fiancé’s Father

Cole Swindell stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about how wedding planning is going, recall how nervous he was to propose, his new music and more!  

Swindell proposed to Courtney Little in May 2023 and still has a hard time believing it happened. They met on the video shoot for “Some Habits” and while they were on their way out of town headed to the ACM Awards, they stopped where they shot the video and he proposed. He said even though he knew she would say yes, it was the most nervous he’d ever been besides when he asked his father for her hand in marriage. He asked her father in person in the house she grew up in and he loves that their families are about to join because they remind him of his own family. He shared that getting married into a family like that is a blessing. As far as the wedding planning goes, he admits Little is doing most of it and he’s just giving his approval to things. One of the most frustrating parts of the wedding planning process for him has been the guest list and RSVP’s. He does not like hurting people’s feelings and creating the guest list he knew would be an issue because he wishes he could invite everyone, but they want to keep it small.  

His new single “Forever To Me” he wrote with Greylan James and Rocky Block right before the College National Championship game. He had a show there and they were gathered around before the game and the lyrics started flowing. He made them late to the game because he didn’t want to stop because he knew they had something special. It’s a love song and Swindell says he is the happiest he’s ever been, and he’s realized that there is more to life than just music and his career. 

Swindell is working on his next album that will come out later this year. He’s grown as a songwriter and his lyrics are not about partying anymore. When he gets sent songs if they are about those topics, he’ll usually pass them on just because he feels like he can’t pull off those types of songs anymore. He’s really focusing on his new record having a mature sound. One of Swindell’s first major songwriting credits was for Luke Bryan’s “Roller Coaster.” Sometimes he wishes he kept the song for himself, but at the same time, it was such a blessing because he did not have a record deal yet and that song helped him pay the bills and get his name out there.  

Swindell’s We The Night Tour kicks off May 30th in Boston.