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Eddie’s 10-Year-Old Son Wanted Advice on When To Have a Girlfriend

Eddie’s 10-year-old came to him with a serious question; when is a good time to have a serious girlfriend? 

He does not currently have a girlfriend but wants advice on when the best time for him to get one would be. Bobby Bones thought 11th grade was the right answer because you want to have some experience before you go to college. Around 16, you can pick them up and go on dates. But even if they get a girlfriend when they are younger, to them it will seem serious at the time until they are older and have one and realize it wasn’t that serious back then.  

Amy noted that when she dated when she was younger, every relationship she had was with the goal to get married. When you’re in a relationship when you’re younger you think you’re going to marry them, but when you get older you realize it’s not that serious and that does not always have to be the end goal. Eddie told his son he thought after college was the best time to have a serious girlfriend.