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It All Makes Sense Now…Kinda (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat talk about everything from Amy's new co-parenting dynamic (dating) to 'rest corners' to Taylor's new album to podcast tour to a very cool listener email (from Sandy) about 'signs from the other side' to today's quote: "We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” which then led to Amy sharing that she channeled her younger self this past weekend....driving around with the windows down blasting music (Shaboozey to be specific!) & they chat about so much more....hope you enjoy it like it's you and your girlfriends hanging out!

Have the day you need to have! 

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Watch Shaboozey's music video for 'A Bar Song' HERE & you'll for sure get addicted to this song like Amy!

Check out Leigh Hetherington Music HERE (the woman that came up to Amy while eating lunch) 

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