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Amy Definitely Selling Her House After Sign at Open House

Amy had been considering selling her house and asked for a sign if she should. When she went to an Open House, a Red Cardinal appeared in the backyard, and it brought her peace. It also was the sign she needed that she was doing the right thing by selling her house.  

She’s been thinking about selling for a year and now has peace about doing it because she received a sign. She believes that the Red Cardinal was her mother and came to give her the sign that it’s time to let go of the house and start a new chapter. She wanted to sell her house a year ago, but she and the kids were not ready. Now they are ready and she’s getting her house ready to be put on the market. If she had not seen the Cardinal, she’s not sure if she would be selling her house, but everything lined up to work out perfectly for her and she feels confident about her decision!