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Listeners Think Bobby Was Announcing Something Huge in Painting Of His Wife

On Bobby Bones’ Instagram, he and his wife did the new viral challenge where you paint a portrait of each other and reveal it when it’s done.

His wife is a decent artist, but Bones is not a good artist and tried as hard as he could to paint a portrait of her from the shoulders up, but it didn’t turn out well. What he lacked in painting her face and head he tried to make up in her surroundings with a nice background. She’s from Oklahoma and a big Oklahoma University fan so he tried to paint the Sooner Schooner next to her. People thought it was a baby carriage and they were announcing she was pregnant, but Bones wanted people to know that is not the case. It even says ‘Sooners’ on it but people thought it meant ‘coming soon’ as in like a baby is on the way.  

They plan at some point to have children together but now is not the time and they are currently not expecting and would never announce it that way. You can see Bones painting above!